Value addition in small scale farming


The employment of appropriate technology practices will not only improve farm production but also builds local farmers’ capacities to fight against dependency on rainfall for farming

Practices available to local farmers

  • The AFK greenhouse farming project has enables farmers to use green house kits on their small plots to maximize crop production. Each kit costs Rwf2.2 million.
  • Oxfam has now provided small solar driers to dry the pineapple slices and this has given women hope to sell the dried fruit locally and eventually for export.
  • CIALCA introduced Banana juice machine technologies per mandate and banana systems, making juice and selling banana with an added value to get more income.
  • There is use of drip irrigation in Rwanda by small scale farmers.
  • Potato packaging and handling technologies, as part of initiatives of the market task force for introduction of post harvest packaging and handling technologies are important to meet the conditions of the niche markets.
  • Irish Potato sorting is used to eliminate potatoes that fail to meet with consumers defined standards for length, shape, color and the rotten ones.
  • Grading machine .This machine is being used to put sorted potatoes according to categories of size before they are sold or used in different ways.
  • Washing, this involves cleaning of tubers of Irish potatoes, potatoes to remove the soil. During the washing time the rotten tubers are removed.


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