Unemployment in Rwanda

The unemployment refers to the share of the labor force ages 15-24 without work but available for and seeking employment. The unemployment rate in Rwanda was 28.6% female and 14% males in 2012.

Types of Unemployment  
Structural unemployment
This type of unemployment has come up as the result of changes in the structure of the economy in Rwanda. There is demand for skilled labor as the level of level of specialization and use of new technology has greatly increased.

Frictional unemployment
This common for people who have finished their studies but can’t find what to do because of unlimited jobs.  For instance Rwanda has a total of 28.6% for females and 14% for male’s youth who are not employed because of lack of jobs.

Rural Urban Migration
Rural urban migration is the movement of people from the rural areas or the country side to urban centers or towns. The movement of people is a result of push or pulls factors. Pull factors refer to opportunities which are in towns that attract people while push factors are the problems that exist in rural areas that make them move away to towns. Causes of rural urban migration in Rwanda include;

  • Impact of high population related to scarcity of land for carrying out agriculture and settlement.
  • Occurrence of drought and conflicts has resulted into massive movements of people to towns.
  • Limited social and economic facilities and infrastructures like education, electricity, water in rural areas.
  • High expectations of opportunities like availability of employment.

National Youth Council
The council is responsible for facilitating and encouraging youth to participate in socio economic development and transformation to a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable society.

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