Towns and Cities of Burundi

Urban Population and population growth rates

The Republic of Burundi also known as “the Heart of Africa,” is one of Africa’s most rapidly urbanizing countries, with a population base of 10 million, of which 11% live in the urban areas. The estimated population growth rate of Burundi was 3.104% in 2012 which is more than double the world average of 1.1%.

It is projected that by the year 2050 Burundi’s population will have grown to 28 million, of which 20 percent will be in urban areas.

Burundi has one capital city being Bujumbura City and over 30 small to medium size towns.

The capital Bujumbura City is governed by a community council and community administrator and is divided into 13 communes, or neighborhoods, each with its own neighborhood council and neighborhood boss.

The following are the major cities and towns in Burundi

Bujumbura City
Gitega Town
Muyinga Town
Ngozi Town
Rumonge Town
Cibitoke Town
Bururi Town
Makamba Town
Rutana Town
Bubanza Town
Cankuzo Town

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