The Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC)

The Ministry of Local Government is responsible for promoting the well being of the population by good governance, community development and social affairs.

The functions of the ministry are as follows;

  • For putting in place democratic, decentralized administrative structures which are able to mobilize the population in order to implement Government programs and resolve their own problems.
  • Ensuring synergy, collaboration and complementarity between all Government institutions in their support to decentralised administrative units.
  • Reinforcing human, material and financial capacities of decentralised administrative units to allow them to fulfil their roles and


  • Rolling out to all the population insurance systems, savings facilities and social security mechanisms.
  • Putting in place mechanisms for assistance and auto-promotion for vulnerable groups, especially genocide survivors.
  • Ensuring the implementation and functioning of coordination mechanisms for the management of risks and disasters.
  • Reinforcing planning, coordination and mobilisation mechanisms of the necessary resources regarding good governance, community development and social protection.

Institutions/ Agencies
The agencies under the ministry include;

  • National Electoral Commission
  • RGAC
  • FARG
  • NDIS
  • RDRC

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