The Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA)

The ministry is responsible for ensuring the sustainable development of infrastructure and contributes to economic growth with a view to enhancing the quality of life of the population.

The functions of the ministry are as follows;

  • For developing institutional and legal frameworks, national policies, strategies and master plans relating to transport, energy, habitat and urbanism, meteorology, water and sanitation subsectors.
  • Initiate programmes to develop, rehabilitate and maintain an efficient and integrated national transport infrastructure network.
  • Develop and maintain sustainable power generation facilities to supply clean, cost-effective and uninterrupted energy for the country and the region.
  • Facilitate urban development programmes with a view to providing affordable shelter with due regard to adequate water and sanitation facilities for the population.
  • Increasing access to affordable energy, water and sanitation and transport infrastructure and related services for the population.
  • Ensuring that the development of policies and strategies concerning national infrastructure are in line with regional integration and harmonization policies with the EAC.
  • To support and supervise infrastructure development programmes under the decentralised structures under the respective sub-sectors as per the District Development Programmes in each district.
  • To supervise actions to mobilise resources and partnerships in the area of infrastructure and mobilise resources for MININFRA programmes.   

Institutions/ Agencies
The agencies under the ministry include;

  • Road Maintenance Fund
  • Rwanda Housing Authority
  • Rwanda Transport Development Agency
  • Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority
  • Energy, Water and Sanitation Authority

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