The Ministry of East African Community (MINEAC)

The Ministry of East African Community was established by the Government of Rwanda in 2008 in line with EAC member states’ joint commitment to establish national coordinating ministries with primary responsibility for EAC matters. MINEAC serves as an operational link between the Government of Rwanda and other national stakeholders, and the EAC organs and Institutions.

The Functions
The functions of the ministry are as follows;

  • Promote Rwanda’s interests in the EAC integration process by representing the country in the EAC decision making processes.
  • Facilitate and coordinate the development, harmonization and approximation of domestic and regional policies, laws, regulations, norms and standards, strategies, programs and projects.
  • Lead on advocacy, mobilization sensitization and dissemination of EAC laws, policies, strategies and programs to national stakeholders.
  • Enhance capacity of the Ministry and national stakeholders to strengthen regional cooperation initiatives and partnerships.
  • Monitor the implementation progress and evaluate the impact of EAC policies, laws and/or protocols, strategies, programs and projects within Rwanda.
  • Support investment promotion in the EAC as a trading bloc within and outside of Africa in collaboration with national and regional stakeholders.

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