Storage in Burundi

Government Storage
Government of Burundi storage in Bujumbura is generally adequate two representative warehouses include the Bujumbura Port Management port storage (EPB, Exploitation du Port du Bujumbura) at 18,560 square meters; and SOBUGEA at Bujumbura Airport, at approximately 2,000 square meters.

Private Sector Storage
Private sector storage is also adequate.19 Representative warehousing in Bujumbura includes Ntagabo-Vondro warehousing (2,200 square meters), Aprons Services warehousing (2,090 square meters), and SDV warehousing (1,500 square meters).

Additional storage sites exist and are being planned in the industrial zone north and northeast of Bujumbura city center and south of the city center along the lake shore.

Additional representative warehousing outside the capital includes Gitega (Ets. Ndoricimpa at 1,250 square meters) and Ngozi (Ets. Twagiramungu at 1,863 square meters, and Nshimirimana Aline at 526 square meters).

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