Stock Markets in Rwanda

The Rwandan financial market is mainly composed of Money markets, Securities markets and Foreign exchange markets. The money markets dominate the Rwandan financial market with 96.5 percent (of which 60.9% is from Treasury bill for the Government) of total outstanding amount.

The securities market in Rwanda is dominated by Government bonds operations.

With regard to the stock markets, the Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE) has only two companies that have been active on RSE with approximately 25 million at the end of June 2013

The Stock Market of Rwanda has been summarized to include the following

Rwanda Capital Markets Authority (CMA)

Rwanda Securities Stock Exchange Limited



Source: BNR, Financial Markets Department

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Stock Market

The Stock market has a great role in the process of economic development:

  • Makes long-term investments liquid
  • Helps mobilize domestic savings by reallocating financial resources from dormant to active agents.
  • Enhances the inflow of international capital.
  • Engage local participation in ownership of shares.
  • Raise extra finances for expansion and development.
  • Facilitate government’s privatization programs.

Information about the stock market of Kenya includes;

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