Steps to prepare compost manure

  1. Clear a corner of the backyard by the fence or near the edge of the garden for the compost pile or bin.
  2. Construct a compost bin.
  3. Collect fallen leaves, evergreen needles and woody matter, including bark, twigs and branches, sawdust, wood chips and put them into the bin.
  4. Avoid using meat and dairy products, including meat and fish bones, oils and grease, carnivorous animal manure.
  5. Add safe animal manures to the compost heap like from grass, grain and heavy eaters, such as horses, rabbits, cows and poultry.
  6. Moisten the pile periodically.
  7. Watch for the pile to settle, a sign that the composting is working.
  8. Check for signs that the compost is finished in one to four months and it is ready to use when all the materials turn into a clean-smelling, crumbly, earth-like brown substance.

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