Services and facilities at Kigali International Airport

  • Charter and Handling Services that is Cargo Department on the 1st Floor
  • There is free WiFi in the airport waiting area
  • Currency exchange facilities like; Express Forex Bureau which is open 24 hours
  • Cafeterias like at Bourbon Cafe
  • Facilities for the disabled are available like wheel chairs
  • Internet Services with Bourbon Wireless Internet Connection free connection
  • Airport Ambulance for an emergency
  • There are transportation facilities available at the airport and these include airport taxis, car rentals, buses, and shuttles.
  • RCAA which is charged with the oversight function of air transport in the country, it checks standards to ensure airline personnel respect international standards, issue licenses, inspect the performance levels of the cabin crew and the training facilities.
  • There are three terminals at Kigali with the main terminal which can handle 6 small to mid-size aircraft and Boeing 747 jet and a cargo terminal is also located at the airport.

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