Mining Regulatory framework

The Ministry of Natural Resources
MINIRENA was established to ensure sustainable management and rational use of natural resources.   The ministry is also responsible for regulating the sector and related sub-sectors through the development of laws and regulations to ensure rational utilization of natural resources and ensure protection of the environment and conservation of natural ecosystems.

Mining Policy  
A new Mining Policy was adopted in 2009 to achieve the following purposes;

  • Strengthen the enabling legal, regulatory and institutional environment.
  • Develop targeted investment and fiscal and macroeconomic policies
  • Improve sector knowledge, skills and best practices
  • Raise productivity and establish new mines
  • Diversify into new products and increase value addition

Mining law
Law N° 37/2008 of 11/08/2008 on Mining and Quarry Exploitation
The mining law currently recognizes the following mining rights:

  • Prospecting licenses are available for periods up to two years and are limited to areas of 1000 square kilometres.
  • Research licenses are available for up to 4-year periods, with one renewal.
  • Small mine exploitation licenses are available for renewable 5-year periods
  • Vast mining concessions are available for 30-year, renewable periods.
  • Quarry exploitation licenses are available for renewable 5-year terms for areas up to one hectare

The Ministry of Environment and Lands
The ministry is responsible for the policy framework in the mining sector while the Rwanda Geology and Mines Authority (OGMR) is responsible for the management and functioning of the mining sector.

Specific duties of the OGMR include:

  • Conducting surveys in geology and mining and publish research findings.
  • Promoting technology aimed at development of geology and mining.
  • Establishing the value of projects.
  • Establishing the mining standards.
  • Training of employees.
  • Monitoring of mining operations, trade and value added in mining.
  • Participating in formulation of policies, laws and strategies.

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