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Rwanda’s Public Sector appears to be the main focus of much of the capacity building support in the country. In Rwanda’s Public Sector significant resources are being devoted to human resources development in form of  short term training, seminars and workshops.

Regulatory framework in Public Sector Rwanda

Ministry of Public Service and Labor
The role of Ministry of Public Service and Labor is to supply the Rwandan Administration with efficient organization and Human Resource structures to fit the objectives of finest public services deliveries at the best possible costs.

Rwanda Public Sector Law Enacted 19th October 2000
Rwanda enacted a new law on public sector creating an independent body to regulate competition in the sector particularly telecommunications, water and electricity.

Public Service Commission
The Public Service Commission (PSC) is a national body provided for by Article 181 of the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda of June 4, 2003 as amended in 2007. PSC governs the organization, functioning and administration of the Public Service Commission.

Rwandan Public Sector Capacity Building Secretariat (PSCBS)
PSCBS is a unique institution which  coordinates the capacity development at national level and in different sectors. It is also responsible for developing the capacity of the public sector through coordinating and promoting of capacity building in line with the national development agenda.

Rwanda constitution of 2003
The Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda was adopted by referendum on 26 May 2003 and entered into force on 4 June of the same year. It provides for a clear separation of powers, with a legislative branch composed of an independent bicameral parliament; an executive branch comprising the President , Prime Minister, Ministers, Ministers of State and the judiciary.

The information under the public sector is organised as follows;

Sector Profile

Financing Developments Profile

Public Sector Capacity Building

Challenges in the Public Sector

Management Information System

Immigration in Rwanda

Cultural Diplomacy in Rwanda

Facilitating Institutions

Rwanda Civil Service

Water Sector in Rwanda

Mining sub sector

Unemployment in Rwanda

Causes of Unemployment and Steps to Reduce it

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