Rwanda Peat Reserves

Rwanda has estimated reserves of 155 million tons of dry peat spread over an area of about 50,000 hectares

About 77% of peat reserves are near Akanyaru and Nyabarongo rivers and the Rwabusoro plains

Potential for Peat-to-Power Generation

The theoretical potential assuming all peat bogs are exploited for electricity energy generation from peat is estimated to be about 1,200 MW

Peat in the Rwabusoro marshland and around the Akanyaru River can fuel 450MW of electricity generation for 25 years

The Rwabusoro marshland and Rucahabi in the districts of Nyanza and Bugesera present significant opportunity for large-scale peat harvesting for power generation

Rwanda plans to develop its peat resources to generate about 200 MW of power by 2017

Present use of peat in Rwanda

  • Two firms are mechanically harvesting peat in Rwanda
  • PEc(Peat Energy company)supplies 2,000 tons per month to a cement plant
  • RAS (Rwanda Auto Service)supplies peat to prisons for cooking

Peat-to-Power Projects in Rwanda

  • Government of Rwanda is developing a 15 MW peat-to-power in Bugarama Rusizi district.
  • Government of Rwanda is negotiating with a strategic partner to develop a 100 MW peat fired power plant in South Akanyaru prospect.
  • Government of Rwanda has advertised tenders for EPc contractor and an Owner’s engineer for 100 MW peat-to-power project in Rwabusoro prospect

Green field 100 MW Project

  • The Government of Rwanda is open to discussions with investors for the development of the 100 MW plant
  • Government of Rwanda is open to a long term concession with a strategic investor as long as the off-take price and project structure makes sense
  • The project is planned to be developed as a PPP. GoR may consider a PPP or jv structure to lower the cost of capital and the cost of power generation

Peat-to-Power Financing Opportunities

  • Financing institutions such as AfDB, Ifc, MIGA and other bilateral donors and development partners will support eligible projects
  • Government of Rwanda will consider providing other incentives
  • Risk mitigation instruments including PRI from the AfDB and MIGA will be available to eligible
  • Projects and developers

Policy, Law & Regulation

The Government of Rwanda is preparing a Peat Policy to sustainably and safely harvest peat resources for power generation

Why invest in peat to power?

  • Peat-to-power technology is a proven commercial technology and the risks are low and peat mining
  • Projects are in operation
  • Rwanda is keen to develop its peat resources as part of its short-term strategy to substantially increase power capaci

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