Ruvubu National Park


Located in the North-East of Burundi, the National Park of Ruvubu is the largest protected ecosystem in the country with over 50 000 hectares and lies about 216 km away from Bujumbura and the park itself has about 50 kilometer of tracks.

Wildlife in the Ruvubu National Park comprises 44 species of mammals including hippopotamus, buffalo, leopard, monkeys, antelope and lion. The park has reptiles such as the Nile crocodile, Crocodilus niloticus and more than 9 species of snakes

Ruvubu National Park has more than 425 species of birds thrive in this park making it all the more attractive, there are several species of aquatic birds with a species like Ardeola rufiventer. There are forest birds, including mountain species, like Trichastoma pyrrhopterum


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