River Kagera


River Kagera is an East African river forming part of the upper headwaters of the Nile. River Kagera flows about 400 kilometres north, east and in its middle course northward it is the boundary between Tanzania and Rwanda.


The river’s longest tributary is the Lukarara, the southernmost the Ruvironza and much of the Kagera is unnavigable and with a port served by shallow draft cargo steamers.


River Kagera is in Kagera Region with vast amount of wildlife, including baboons and monkeys




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River Kagera

Kagera River has its main tributaries as sources as River Ruvubu from Burundi and

River Nyabarongo from Rwanda and travels about 800 km from its remotest source in Nyugwe Forest in Rwanda before emptying into Lake Victoria in Uganda.

Income-Generating Activities in the river basin

They key income generating activities in the river basin include the following:

  •  Agriculture,
  • Livestock,
  • Fishing,
  • Attractions on the River

 Akagera National Park which is located in the River Kagera Basin has the following key attractions:

  • Elephant
  • Zabra
  • Buffalo
  • Giraffe
  • Various Species of Antelope
  • Crocodile
  • High Concentrations of Hippo

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