Regulatory Framework in Animal Resources

The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI)

The ministry is responsible for initiating, developing and managing suitable programs of transformation and modernization of agriculture and livestock to ensure food security and to contribute to the national economy.

Rwanda Animal Resources Development Authority (RARDA)

RARDA is responsible for coordinating the livestock sector including the beekeeping subsector. RARDA was mandated to implement capacity development services and improved coordination within animal resources.

RARDA functions

The functions are summarized as follows;

  • Implementing the national animal resources policy.
  • Providing improved technology and extension services to farmers and other players in the sector.
  • Providing farmers and individuals dealing with animal products improved technologies so that animal products fetch more on the market.
  • Combating monitoring and controlling animal diseases and putting in place measures that will ensure diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases including those that are transmitted to man.
  • Coordinating activities of professionals involved in farming activities and other partners dealing with products of animal origin.
  • Training farmers so that they are able to play a more significant role in their profession and in national development.
  • Coordinating activities aimed at improving animal resources so that they can complement each other.
  • Collecting, analyzing and providing information and data on animal diseases and products of animal origin at the national level.
  • Implementing laws and regulations related to animal resources.


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