Why Invest in Burundi

Burundi government has embarked on the process of rebuilding the country’s economy following civil unrest in the country.

This has created many investment opportunities following the process of rebuilding the country which include:

  • Cost of labor including highly competitive regionally.
  • Privileged access to regional markets through its membership in the Customs Union of the East African Community (EAC) and the Free Trade Area of ​​the COMESA
  • Business climate in rapid improvement (fifth best global reformer in Doing Business 2013)
  • Code incentive for investment and protecting investors including attractive incentives
  • Ability to create a company in a few hours through a single point of the API
  • Political stability restored since 2005
  • A business environment constantly improving with:
    • The simplification of administrative procedures
    •  The creation of the OBR to boost tax service and customs, and the fight against corruption
    • On-going reforms to liberalize all sectors, privatize state enterprises, etc.
  • Promising business sectors
  • A country is in full reconstruction
  • Freedom of settlement and investment
  • Granting of visas, fixing and moving residence to expatriates required by investment freedom, title to any person or entity, without any discrimination.

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