Public Sector Capacity Building

The PSCBS is responsible for enhancing capacity of public institutions to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, accountability and transparency in service delivery. The Public Sector Capacity Building Secretariat (PSCBS) is a specialized secretariat with a mandate of coordinating capacity building activities in the public sector.

Background Information of (PSCBS)
The effectiveness and efficiency of a country’s public sector is vital to the success of the national development. Sound financial management, an efficient civil service, a well functioning legal structure, decentralized governance and effective service delivery.

Recovering from the war and genocide of 1994, the Government of Rwanda (GoR) embarked on reconstructing and restructuring state institutions, systems, procedures, processes, restoring law and order and putting in place an enabling environment for the private sector to thrive.

Since August 2010, PSCBS was relocated to be under the Ministry of Finance and Planning (MINECOFIN). Government took this decision so that capacity building could be linked with national planning, M&E and the budget cycle.

The Public Sector Capacity Building Secretariat (PSCBS) exists to guide, facilitate and coordinate the implementation of capacity building interventions in the public sector.

Functions of (PSCBS)
Its functions include the following:

  • To manage the national Capacity Building Fund (CBF) and oversee capacity building pooled funds in the public sector.
  • To coordinate capacity building activities across the public sector.
  • To carry out regular human and institutional audit of public institutions to identify their capacity gaps and provide appropriate mechanisms to closing the gaps.
  • To develop guidelines and provide quality assurance for capacity needs assessments in public sector institutions.
  • To establish and update a national database for skills available and skills required for implementation of activities in the public sector.
  • To monitor progress, assess impact and value for money of capacity building activities in the public sector.
  • To prepare and present an annual report on the state of capacity in the public sector.
  • To provide technical support in mobilizing resources required for implementation of capacity building programmes in the public sector.

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