Projects Implemented in ICT in Burundi

The wireless broadband connectivity project  funded by a grant from the American Foundation Susan & Craig McCAW of Onatel via the facilitation of the Union International Telecommunication aimed at extending ICT services to schools and hospitals in rural areas for total project is 845 715 USD.

Burundi Backbone System project (BBs) is a hybrid national backbone essentially on optical fibers but also in tandem with beams radio. It has an international connection with fiber optic cables to Indian Ocean (EASSy, TEAMS, SEACOM) via a terrestrial backbone East African Backbone System (eABS). The BBs main objective is to create a national network basic transmission, offer cheaper telecommunications services for both urban and rural areas, to increase national bandwidth and International and lower the cost of communications. The BBS is a component the Communication Infrastructure Project, funded by a grant from the Bank World in the amount of $ 20,100,000.

Project Pan African e-network is a gift from the Government of India to 53 countries the African Union providing distance learning,e-education with University of Burundi chosen to perform this service, telemedicine, e-health with Roi Khaled Hospital selected to provide these services and VIP Very communications providing communications direct between Heads of State and Heads of Government .The equipment have been installed and are ready for operation.

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