Profile of Private Universities in Burundi

Private Universities have been set up in Burundi as part of the initiatives of the community and private sectors whose aim was to develop local communities and higher education in Burundi.

The creation of private universities came to support and relieve the University of Burundi  the only public university that existed previously in Burundi.

As a result of increased demand for higher education, the University of Burundi could not absorb all students.

Private universities in Burundi have been summarised to include the following

University of Ngozi

Hope Africa University (HAU)

Light University of Bujumbura

Other private universities include

Université Lumière in Bujumbura Municipality

Université Sagesse d’Afrique, Bujumbura Municipality

University of Lake Tanganyika, Bujumbura Municipality

University Martin Luther King, Bujumbura Municipality

Great Lakes University, Bururi Province


University of Mwaro, Mwaro Province

University Peace and Reconciliation(Paix et Réconciliation), Bujumbura Municipality

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