Postal Sub sector Rwanda

Office National Des postes is the company responsible for postal service in Rwanda. Currently Post Office clients are able to access information about registered mails on the institution’s website through electronic tracking.

History of the sub sector
The first post office opened its doors on 18th September 1922 in Kigali. At the time the Post Office Administration was linked to that of the Belgian Congo and the Headquarters was in Leopoldville, capital city of the Belgian Congo now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The situation remained the same until the period of independence within the country which ushered in a Ministry of Information, Posts and Telecommunications on 26th October 1961.

Services that are offered by Postal in Rwanda

  • Mail collection, transportation and distribution
  • Transportation and payment of postal orders in all post offices within the country
  • Deposit and payment of postal cheques in all the post offices of the country
  • Instalment of post office boxes in all the post offices within the country
  • Sale of stamp collection articles at all the country’s post office
  • Public telecopy and telephone services in all post offices
  • Representation of some telecommunication companies through the sale of telephone cards and other telecommunications products at all post office



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