Postal sub sector in Uganda

Uganda has one major postal operator that is Uganda Posts Limited (UTL) and  there are 9 domestic courier service providers, 7 regional courier operators and 6 international couriers. UTL has 327 post offices, 1,623 licensed stamp vendors and 75,015 private post office boxes majority of which are in Kampala.A number of bus  operators are also  engaged in the conveyance and distribution of documents and parcels. The main types of services provided under the postal subsector are;

  •  Postal services
  •  Courier services

The volume of letters handled has been dropping since 2002 from 15,000,000 to about 6,000,000 by 2011 indicating that the demand for physical mail services is shrinking which is attributed to the competition  emerging from  electronic mail services such as email and SMS offered by the telecom operators.

The demand for courier services on the other hand registered growth between 2005 and 2010 with local courier traffic rising from 1,000,000 to about 1,700,000.

The postal subsector in Uganda includes

Courier Companies in Uganda

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