Parliament of Rwanda

The Parliament of Rwanda is into two that is;
•    The Chamber of Deputies
•    The Senate

The Chamber of Deputies
The Chamber of Deputies of Rwanda has 80 members including;
•    53 elected in universal suffrage through a secret ballot.
•    Twenty four (24) women are elected by specific councils in accordance with the administrative entities.
•    2 members elected by the National Youth Council.
•    1 member elected by the Federation of the Association of the Disabled.

The members under Chamber of Deputies are as follows;

Mukarurangwa Immaculée: Clerk of the Chamber of Deputies
Simbizi Emmanuella:   Administrative Assistant to the Clerk of the Chamber of Deputies
Ntaganda Francine:    Executive Assistant to Speaker of Chamber of Deputies
Gatare Appolinaire:   Security Liaison Officer
Umubyeyi Regine:    Assistant Protocol

Mudakikwa Pamela:    Public Relations and Communication Officer
Nshimiyimana Yves:     Procurement Officer
Serubyogo Jean Pierre:    Procurement Officer
Kaggwa Mustapher Abdullah:    Parliamentary Diplomacy Expert
KARENZI Shaphic: Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Muragijimana Emmanuel: Advisor to Speaker of Chamber of Deputies
Bushishi Giovanni:     Advisor to Deputy Speaker in charge of Administrative and Finance
Nzambimana Jeanette:     Advisor to Deputy Speaker
Bashoga Bernard:  Deputy Clerk In Charge of Legislative Services

Muneza Anne Marie: Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Clerk

Nyirabazayire Angélique:   Committe Clerk/Economic
Sebagabo Mathias:   Committe Clerk/Social
Ayinkamiye Speciose:   Committe Clerk/Budget
Rwemangeyo Manassé:   Committe Clerk/Human Rights
Gicondo Jérôme:    Committe Clerk/Agriculture
Maska Zainabo:     Committe Clerk/Foreign Affairs

Mujawayezu Alvela:   Committe Clerk/Scientific
Mwiza Pita:   Committe Clerk/Politic
Bitsindinkumi Innocent:   Committe Clerk/Assessment
Niyitegeka Marianne:   Legislative Drafting and Advisor
Mucyo David:    Legislative Drafting and Advisor
Ndagijimana Eric:     Legislative Drafting and Advisor
Zikuriza Felix:    Legislative Drafting and Advisor
Mwemayire Dominique:   Table Officer
Ndahayo Sylvestre:    Translator
Kalisa Jean Baptiste:   Hansard Editor
Mucura Mwizerwa:   Hansard Editor
Nyiraminani Afissa: Chamber Attendant
Banoza Valens:   Chamber Attendant
Hatungimana Justin:    DG Planning and Research
Musabyimana Pierre:  Bills and Policy Researcher
Murekatete Beata:   Government Programmes Researcher
Uwitonze Jean de Dieu:    Government Programmes Researcher
Barakagwira Patricie:   Budget and Public Accountability Researcher
Niyonsaba Dinah:   Budget and Public Accountability Researcher
Semanyenzi Furaha Claire:   Director General of General Services
Musabyeyezu M. Rose:   Administrative Assistant to DG of General Services
Bayingana Eugene:   Budget Officer
Basemba Jean Bosco:   Chief Accountant
Mujawumuremyi M.Gorette:  Accountant
Utetiwabo Beata:   Logistics
Ndizeye Job:   Human Resource Officer
Musiime Maureen:   Head of Central Secretariat
Habimana Augustin:   Director General of Communication and Outreach
Bagiraneza Alphonsine:   Administrative Assistant to the DGCO
Bideri Justin:   Journalist
Byukusenge Bernard:  Journalist
Kabandana Maurice:  Public Education and Information Officer
Nyirahatangimana Marie Therese: Public Education and Information Officer
Kampire Mulinda Angele:  Archivist
Twagirayezu Yves:   Documentalist
Rubindo Alvera:  Documentalist
Gakima Melissa Sandrine:  Radio Operator
Shema:   Radio Operator
Bizimana Eric:   Chamber Operator
Maniraguha Theonest:   Chamber Operator
Musoni Karambizi Deo:   Plenary Chamber Technician

Office of the Speaker:  Honorable Mukantabana Rose
Advisor to the Speaker:   Muragijimana Emmanuel
Office of the Deputy Speaker:   Honorable Kalisa Evariste
Advisor to the Deputy Speaker:   Nzambimana Jeannette
Office of the Deputy Speaker:   Honorable Kankera Marie Josee
Advisor to the Deputy Speaker:   Bushishi Giovani
Administrative Assistant of the Secretary General:   Simbizi Emmanuella


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