Challenges in Forestry sector

The following are challenges in Forestry sector in Rwanda

  • Excessive and indiscriminate cutting of forests due to high population and usage of  wood  as source of energy
  • Uneven distribution of forest resources over the country, as most of the Classified Forests are located along the Congo-Nile Ridge the rest of the country has a wood deficit.
  • Low productivity of existing man made forests and poor quality of forest genetic material due to inbreeding
  • Insufficiency of data on the forestry sector as knowledge of the extent of forest resources in the country is limited and forestry inventory and data collection of utilisation of forest resources are irregular.
  • Dominance by one species: More than 80% of the species utilised in reforestation and afforestation is comprised of various species of Eucalyptus. Relying on monoculture constitutes a real threat to the sustainability of forestry sector
  • Failure to use existing forest plantations and  many trees are beginning to suffer heart-rot and are easily wind-thrown due to old age and lack of proper management
  • Under-estimation of the economical importance of forestry: It is very difficult to assign realistic value to forest products and services due to the broad structure of the economy of Rwanda
  • Inadequate extension services since the country lacks competent personnel and inadequate budget allocation
  • There is limited land for forestry


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