Office Space in Kigali

Office Space in Kigali is available for everyone who is willing to take up the space. Renting a serviced office in Kigali saves company money, hassle and stress. The following services and amenities are provided at serviced offices in Kigali:

  • Broadband internet
  • Security/alarm system
  • Broadband internet
  • Taxes
  • Various insurance options
  • Reception services
  • Lighting
  • Rent
  • Access to kitchen and toilet facilities.

Renting a serviced office in Kigali means that the business center takes care of everyday administrative tasks so that one can get the most out of time at the office and the rent is determined by how many employees are using the space.

Efforts of government to increase office space

The government declared skyscraper located in the heart of Kigali city opened for rent.

The Kigali City Council passed regulations to have all offices housed in residential houses relocated to commercial buildings in the city centre.

Domestic premises for office space
Landmark office at City Plaza House 4th Floor in Kigali. Total leased office space of 200 square meters consisting of director’s office, drawing studio, 12 person conference rooms, reception and storage space.

Amajyambere Street in Kigali with total office space of 500 square meters consisting of director’s office, two drawing studios, 16 person conference room, two associate offices, reception, achieve room, cafeteria and guard quarters.

Real Center approximately 500 square meters of office space in central Kigali and this contributes to income generation and support organizations and companies in growing and professionalizing their operations.

Office space rental charges around Kigali

Areas                                                Rental charges ($)

City Plaza                                         Us$ 14 per square meter

Kimironko                                         Range $ 150 USD to $ 350 USD per square meter (month) before tax.

Kagugu                                             Range $ 400 to $ 500 (month) per square meter

A round centenary house                            US$ 14 per square metre

Challenges in office space

  • inadquate office space/office buildings to accommodate the rising demand.
  • Financial constraints
  • Increasing shortages of essential supplies, office working space and other facilities
  • High prices for available office space.
  • Scarcity of office space and commercial houses in the city.
  • High taxes paid by the owners of the buildings hence reducing on their incomes earned.

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