Office of Roads (ODR) Burundi

The Office of Roads “ODR” is the roads authority of Burundi which was created by Decree No. 100/118 of 27 October 2001 as part of the restructuring of the former General Directorate of Roads (DGR)

It is responsible for construction and maintenance of the whole road network in Burundi including national roads and district roads.

The ODR is administered by a Board of Directors.

Roles of ODR

  • Provide multi-year planning, supervision, coordination of maintenance of the road sector classified and the construction of new roads activities.
  • Monitoring the state of the classified network.
  • Contribute to the development of traffic regulations.
  • Supervise studies, control road works and works relating thereto.
  • Develop and propose the policy to promote corporate and national offices operating or likely to operate in the road sector.
  • Initiate and oversee the execution of emergency works that occur in the road sector.
  • Assume the role of Master of work on behalf of the state for all of the road infrastructure projects.
  • Ensure compliance with environmental guidelines for all locations or all interviews of road infrastructure.
  • Coordinate all activities of the various stakeholders in rural roads.

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