Nyakazu Tourist Site

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Nyakazu tourist site

Nyakazu tourist site is located on the massif of Nkoma in Kayove commune, Rutana province which is situated 173 kilometers from Bujumbura City.

 According to historians, the first king of Burundi would have appeared on this mount around the 15th century, before continuing his way to the high lands of Muramvya. In 1914, at the beginning of the First World War, Nyakazu was a German military post, set up in order to control the eastern part of the country towards Tanzania borders.

According to a popular belief, the plateau of Nkoma, on which the fort was established, may have been ‘carved by the boots of the German soldiers in their retreat before the Belgian forces’, whereby the appellation ‘Germans’ gorge’. The remnants of the fort still visible nearby the rift constitute a possible attraction for the tourists.

It is a site both historical, as we have just seen it, and natural as it was instituted a protected area of 600ha in 1980. It equally constitutes a natural monument, and all these qualifications justify the recent proposal of its registration among the World Heritages of UNESCO, at the same time as the Karera waterfalls that are located on the same range of Nkoma in the west.

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