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The Natural History Museum founded is located in Kigali City Centre. Natural History Museum is Rwanda’s first and only museum dedicated to the natural sciences, flora and fauna, geology and biological history.

The Natural History Museum in the propert formerly known as the Kandt Residence.Dr Richard Kandt was a German physician and explorer who founded Kigali around 1908 to be a centre of administration for German East Africa.

The Institute of National Museums of Rwanda converted the historic residence into a museum in 2008 in order to increase Rwandans’ exposure to the natural sciences as well as to educate visitors from around the world about Rwanda’s biological and geological diversity.

The North Wing Of The Museum

The wing features the following;

  • Rwanda’s biology exhibits like beautiful specimens of indigenous species ranging from beautifully colour birds to strange and exotic reptiles.
  • One can also see several of Rwanda’s mammalian occupants, from small rodents to skulls of ever popular mountain gorillas.

The Rear Of The Museum

This is dedicated to volcanism ,study of space people with pointy ears, learn about the Great Rift Valley and all its tectonic and volcanic might, learn how the great volcanoes in Rwanda’s northwest were created, what makes them pop and how people have learned to survive and thrive in their imposing shadows for countless generations .

The South Wing Of The Museum

The wing has the following;

  • Dedicated to Rwanda’s natural resources and the history of how those resources were mined from the countless hills.
  • On display are numerous gems and minerals along with maps showing where they are distributed around the country.
  • A room dedicated to hydrology, or the study of the movement and distribution of water (lakes, rivers, etc).

Work in progress.

The museum ispreparing the following for display;

  • A complete skeleton of an African elephant that was recently discovered buried near Nyungwe Rainforest.
  • A massive crocodile that was recently killed at Lake Muhaze by a man with a hammer.

Entrance to the museum

A mountain gorilla protected inside a glass case.

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