National Information Communication Infrastructure (NICI) III (NICI-2015 Plan)

The NICI Plan aims at accelerating service development through ICT thereby facilitating sustainable economic competitiveness and ICT contribution to GDP.

Focus areas of NICI III

  • Skills development
  • Private sector development
  • Community development
  • E-government
  • Cyber security

NICI III Plan implementation
RDB will lead implementation of the NICI III Plan as the designated coordination and implementing agency of Government of Rwanda ICT initiatives. The Planning and Coordination and New Project Development divisions within the ICT Department will assume the functions of the NICI III Secretariat given their mandate as follows:

  • RDB Planning and Coordination division is mandated to plan and coordinate all Government of Rwanda ICT projects in collaboration with all relevant MDAs to ensure implementation in a harmonized and coordinated manner.
  • RDB New Project Development division is mandated to coordinate and oversee the successful implementation of all government ICT projects in collaboration with the project implementing institutions.

RDB will work hand-in-hand with stakeholders (focus area working groups-FWG) in developing new projects and assessing the progress and outcome of implemented NICI projects. Focus area working groups comprise of subject matter experts from public and private sectors as well as civil society.

Project Development, Implementation and Monitoring Process

Project Formulation:

  • Coordinate new project formulation.
  • Conduct research and facilitate FWG stakeholder consultations to ensure industry participation during project formulation.
  • Continuous improvement of project toolkits to ensure successful NICI III formulation

Project Implementation:

  • Oversee effective management of projects to ensure efficient resource utilization.
  • Prepare and circulate quarterly project status reports for NICI III implementation institutions to ensure alignment with cluster and project objectives.
  • Organize Focus Area Working Groups meetings to ensure project ownership and smooth implementation.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • ¬†Develop a results-based monitoring framework for all focus area projects

This new approach will ensure that the initiatives adapt to socio-economic changes and emerging technologies, identified projects are executed with clear outcomes that are aligned with NICI III focus area mission and objectives

NICI III Stakeholders
NICI III formulation has been driven by stakeholders to maximize ownership. The formulation structure was as follows:

  • High Level Steering Committee (HLSC)
  • Coordination Technical Committee (CTC)
  • NICI III Secretariat
  • Focus Area Working Groups (FWG)
  • High Level Steering Committee (HLSC)

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