Ministry of Natural Resources: Land, Forests, Environment and Mining

The ministry is responsible for preparing and ensuring the follow up and evaluation of policies, strategies as well as environment protection, prepare draft bills and establish norms and practices for rational exploitation and efficient land management, environment, water resources and evaluate their implementation.

The promoting research and exploit Rwandan underground natural resources and set up appropriate mechanisms for their extraction and valuation; and planning and following up pure water distribution programmes and basic health activities.

The functions of the ministry are as follows;

  • Entrusted with supervision, monitoring and to ensure the implementation of all issues relating to promotion and protection of natural resources.
  • Facilitate coordination and oversight of the implementation of national environmental policy and the subsequent legislation.
  • It was established to oversee the integrity of Rwanda’s environment for sustainable development.

Agencies/ Institutions
The agencies under the ministry are as follows;

  • Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA)
  • Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA)

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