Market for ICT and Telecom sector

Burundi’s market for infrastructure in ICT and Telecom has started booming, in relation to Communications, according to 2012 figures, there were 17,400 fixed phone lines (32,600, 2010) compared with 2.247 million mobile phones (1.98 million 2011). There are six ISPs, with approximately 10,000 Internet subscribers and 60,000 Internet users.

In terms of ICT Infrastructure the Government of Burundi in cooperation with the World Bank have commencing a 13,000 kilometre fibre-optic project to cover Bujumbura, 17 provinces and the borders. This will help reduce communication costs in Burundi. The regulator is Agence de Regulation et de Controle des Telecommunications (ARCT).

The market for ICT and Telecom sector has been summarized to include the following

Main Telecom Operators
ICT Market Penetration
General Distributors of Computers
Mobile Telephone Distributors

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