Local Roads Capacity Rwanda

Routine maintenance works requires enough equipments to use and work on the roads in mainly performed under contracts. Routine maintenance is ensured on force account by the Roads Department which has an adequate public works equipment stockpile; however it is poorly maintained and in an advanced state of obsolescence. The availability of the stockpile, estimated at about 50%, does not allow works on several sites to be carried out simultaneously.

There are several Principal Roads throughout the country that are tarmaced and are a credit to the engineering skills of the Chinese and the hard work of the Rwandan people. These roads connect the major towns to the capital city, Kigali. They also connect the country to neighbouring countries of Uganda, DRC, Tanzania and Burundi. Currently there are over 140 engineering professionals who were assessed and found legible to work

With nearly ten million people, Rwanda is Africa’s most densely populated country yet it boasts fewer than ten architecture firms within its borders.


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