Lakes in Burundi

Burundi is a landlocked country in the Great Lakes region of Africa and stretches over 27,834km2. Known as the ´heart of Africa´, Burundi is famous for its rich and varied natural landscape characterized by picturesque lakes

The largest body of water in Burundi is the northeastern corner of Lake Tanganyikathe second largest lake in the African continent.About 2 600 km2 of this lake lie within the boundaries of the country, representing about 8% of its total area.

The lakes are a home to different aquatic life and offer opportunity for fishing as well as boat cruising fortourists while viewing different wildlife

The keylakes in Burundi include the following;
Lake Cohoha
Lake Rweru
Lake Kanzigiri
Lake Rugwero
Lake Katshamirinda
Lake Tshohoha
Lake Rwihinda
Lake Tanganyika

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