Lake Muhazi


Lake Muhazi is a long thin shallow flooded valley lake shared by Eastern, Kigali and Northern Provinces of Rwanda but with a bigger part of it located in the eastern region. The Lake has numerous offshoots in a North to South direction. Lake Muhazi is about 60km long and has an average width of less than 5km. It has a concrete dam at the western end constructed in 1999 to replace an earth dam which had existed since time immemorial. The Lake empties into Nyabugogo River, which flows southwards to Kigali to be part of the Nile.

Lake Muhazi is about one hour and a half drive away from Kigali Capital City and is among Rwanda’s scenic treasures.

Activities at Lake Muhazi

The following take place at Lake Muhazi:

  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Bird Watching
  • Camping Accommodation

Beaches at Lake Muhazi

The lake Muhazi shore at Gahini is popular with Tourists and the following three resorts are located at the shores of the lake:

  • The Seeds of Peace centre
  • Jambo Beach.
  • Rwesero Beach

A new resort, Lake Muhazi Golf & Country Resort and Boulevard at the southern shore of the lake on the Gati Peninsular is under development.

 Flora and Fauna

 The lake area is a home of Spotted-necked Otters with their population estimated in region of 200-400 in 2010. There are a number of bird species around the lake including the following.

  • Fish Eagles (Haliaeetus vocifer)
  • Malachite Kingfishers (Alcedo cristata)
  • Pied Kingfishers (Ceryle rudis)
  • Swamp Flycatchers (Muscicapa aquatica)
  • Village Weavers (Ploceus cucullatus)
  • Speckled Mousebirds (Colius striatus)
  • Black-lored (Turdoides melanops) and Arrow-marked (T. jardineii) Babblers
  • African Paradise-flycatchers (Terpsiphone viridis)
  • Scarlet-chested (Nectarinia senegalensis)
  • Bronze (N. kilimensis) and Green-headed (N. verticalis) Sunbirds
  • Yellow-fronted Canaries (Serinus mozambicus)
  • Green-winged Pytilias (Pytilia melba)

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