Labour for Agriculture in Rwanda

  • Agriculture is the main economic activity for the people of Rwanda providing employment to about 86% of the total population
  • Over 80% of the population derives their survival from agricultural sector.
  • About 97.18% of the female population is engaged in agricultural activities compared to 90.19% of men population which is engaged in agriculture related activities. These proportions are 92.97% and 80.97% respectively at the national level.
  • The agricultural and livestock sectors (about 87.63%) is characterized by an abundant inadequately trained labour force with often no skills and education
  • The Rwandan economy is dominated by agricultural activities
  • Over 90% of the population is based in rural areas.
  • The majority of workers in this sector are independent (76, 81%) and family helpers (15, 22%) with no required qualifications.
  • Rural urban migration especially among the youth is one of the challenges facing the sector.

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