Key energy operators in Rwanda

  • The Ministry of Infrastructure is responsible for national energy infrastructure, and is the primary government ministry in the energy sector. Rural energy is part of this mandate. The MINIFRA views its role in the off-grid energy sector to include training, strategy, development of technical specifications for energy equipment, recommendation of strategies for the development of the private sector.
  • The Ministry of Natural Resources is responsible for the management of the forest and water resources of the country, as well as environmental protection and management. The forestation and wood consumption targets set out in the EDPRS fall under the remit of the MINIRENA.
  • The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning for the financing of energy sector projects.
  • The Ministry of Commerce on issues regarding petroleum products import and storage as well as cooperation with the private sector.
  • The Ministry of Environment and Lands on Climate Change issues, environmental safeguards for the implementation of energy projects, land use matters for example for bio-fuel initiatives.
  • The Ministry of Forestry and Mines for all matters related to biomass in order to promote increased production of biomass as well as reduced utilization as well as issues on Peat resources usage to replace biomass.
  • The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Local Government for the planning and implementation of electrification projects for social institutions.
  • Rwanda Development Board for the promotion of investment opportunities in the energy sector, for the provision of energy services to businesses and enterprises and for the issuance of energy impact assessment clearance for energy sector projects.




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