Jua Kali in Uganda

It is a project under the Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry (MTTI) and is part of the overall industrialization policy being undertaken by the Government of Uganda. The project mainly targets artisans; shoe makers, metal fabricators, carpenters, and tailors among others who operate under poor working conditions especially in terms of infrastructure. 20% of Uganda’s GDP comes from the Jua Kali sector compared to Kenya the sector contributes to 22% of the GDP, while in Tanzania it contributes 28%.

Jua Kali Centre
Common facility centres are being constructed at Lwafu, Makindye and Luzira Industrial Park to benefit the Jua Kali as a group. Regional facility centres will be in Mbale, Lira, and Mbarara to cater for the East, North, and Western regions respectively. The Common Facility Centres at Luzira Industrial Park and the regional facility centres will be technology incubation centres focusing on training of the Jua Kali entrepreneurs while the centre in Lwafu, Makindye will be a production centre.

The services in these facility centres will be accessed at an affordable fee to help the centres be self reliant. The common facility centres will also have exhibition halls from which artisans can exhibit their products and also participate in regional exhibition fairs.

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