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Rwanda is a land of opportunity for investors. It has a unique leadership committed to development a culture with zero tolerance for corruption.  The climate and the fertile land is ideal for many varieties of agricultural crops. Rwanda is considered as the most competitive place to do business in East Africa and 3rd in Sub-Saharan Region. The private sector is a key driver for the development of the Rwanda economy.

Regulatory framework for investment in Rwanda

Rwanda Investment and Export Promotion Agency

Rwanda Investment Promotion Agency (RIEPA) was established in 1998 by an Act of Parliament with the responsibility of promoting private investment in Rwanda by both local and foreign investors. RIEPA is the investor’s facilitator that provides the following services;

  • Investment registration
  • Immigration facilitation
  • Work permits facilitation
  • Mission organisation
  • Advisory services
  • Project implementation
  • Information and research,
  • Export promotion/marketing,
  • Incentives management and free zone management

Rwanda Development Board (RDB)

The Rwanda Development Board was set up by bringing together all the government agencies responsible for the entire investor experience under one roof. This includes key agencies responsible for business registration, investment promotion, environmental clearances and privatization and specialist agencies.

  • Investment opportunities for investment in Rwanda
  • Investing in the agriculture sector is a secure venture for coffee, tea, fruits and fresh flowers
  • Investing in broadband for economic growth and development of the country like computer repair and assembly and technical training institutes
  • There is room for more 3 star, 4star and 5star hotels both in Kigali and in regional cities like Butare, Gisenyi, Muhazi, Nyanza and Akagera
  • Diversification opportunities in quarries for construction materials and precious stones gold, diamond, beryl, topaz, rubies, sapphires, gamets
  • Setting up residential houses for low and middle-income class

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