Investment Opportunities in Rwanda

The investment opportunities in Rwanda include the following:

Agriculture Sector

The sector not only accounts for the highest percentage of GDP but in addition provides the highest employment rate. The opportunities include:

  • Coffee is a world class and winner of a number of international awards and main agricultural export with buyers including Starbucks and Sainsbury’s with opportunities in Construction of coffee washing stations which are crucial for the end product targeting the up-market niche segments, construction of roasting facilities on a large scale, setting up of modern coffee processing and packaging plants and operating of large scale coffee plantations.
  • Tea is also a huge potential but relatively underdeveloped the buyers include Mark’s & Spencer’s in the UK
  • Distribution markets and cold chain infrastructure for other export products
  • There is also a potential to engage in the production of a number of crops because of the favourable climatic conditions.

ICT & Telecommunications Sector

The opportunities include the following:

  • Computer repair and assembly
  • Technical training institutes for maintenance and specialized courses
  • Establishment of call centres
  • Offshore software development using the skills form locally trained programmers and software engineers
  • Web design and E-commerce solutions
  • Printed circuit board layout and manufacture
  • Management Consultancy for software
  • Disaster recovery planning facilities
  • Computer security management
    • Premium eco-tourism operators are required to widen activity base
    • Capacity building

Travel & Tourism

The opportunities include the following:

  • Improvement and enhancement of the infrastructure supporting tourism.
  • More 3 star,4star, & 5star hotels both in Kigali and in regional towns like Butare, Gisenyi, Muhazi, Nyanza and Akagera


The opportunities include the following:

There is significant opportunity in this sector to increase productivity through industrial mining vast amounts of untapped reserves and opportunities for processing tin, coltan, wolfram and new areas of precious stones and quarries.

  • Diversification opportunities in quarries (for construction materials) and precious stones (gold, diamond, beryl, topaz, rubies, sapphires, gamets and other unexploited deposits have been identified
  • There are major peat deposits in the southwest of Rwanda which are only just being exploited and could be used for electricity generation or processed as an alternative to fire wood

Construction & Development

Opportunities are in the following areas:

  • Residential houses for low and middle-income class.
  • A youth sport centre
  • Office Block in Kigali City
  • A real estate agency
  • Brick & Tile making factory
  • Estate development-high income

Energy Sector

The opportunities include the following:

  • Construction of a hydraulic power station on Nyabarongo River with a capacity of 27.5MW . The feasibility studies are available for investors to review.
  • Construction of a power station at the Rusomo falls with capacity of 61.5 MW.
  • The construction of a hydraulic power station at the Rusizi with a possible capacity of 82 MW.
  • Exploitation of Methane Gas in Lake Kivu which has a capacity to support a 700MW power plant.

Horticulture and Floriculture

The opportunities include the following:

  • Export of passion fruit and vegetables
  • Export of fresh apples and bananas
  • Large scale cultivation and exporting of flowers
  • Industrial processing of passion fruit into ready to drink juices for the local market and the regional market.
  • Processing of tomatoes into tomato paste.
  • Construction of processing plants for the production of vegetable oils destined for regional and international markets.
  • Construction of vegetable oil factories
  • Industrial Cultivation of Sunflower, Soya, Groundnut and Castor oil plants.
  • Need for construction of greenhouses and cold-storage facilities.
  • Production of packaging material for horticultural products.
  • Production of inputs, fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Fresh cut flowers have a high growth sector

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