Investment opportunities in Agriculture Sector

The following are investment opportunities in Agriculture Sector Rwanda

  • Involvement of private investors in the agricultural sector
  • Production and promotion of farming tools
  • Mangoes farming
  • Commercial farming
  • Agricultural exports such as tea, coffee, fruit and flowers
  • Animal feeds processing
  • Pineapple farming
  • Further opportunities in coffee washing and roasting as the premium harvest grows
  • Distribution markets and cold chain infrastructure for other export products
  • Passion fruit and other exotics fruits  are currently processed for the regional market
  • Avocado packaging and export
  • Beans processing
  • Fertiliser import and distribution
  •  High value Horticulture processing
  • Kigali Whole Sale Market(KWSM)
  • Soya bean production
  • Maize production and processing
  • Meat processing
  •  Wheat production and processing
  • Rice production and processing
  •  Irrigation and Mechanization projects
  • Green fields for tea production and processing focusing on speciality tea
  •  Sugar cane production and processing
  • Fishery, aquaculture and animal feed production
  • Flori-culture
  • Dairy processing
  • Honey production and processing
  • Essential Oil production
  • Large scale plantations of coffee, tea and cotton
  • Fertilizer manufacturing plant
  • Tea factories
  • Blending and packaging plant
  • Large scale production of fruits (passion, tomatoes, papayas, mangoes etc) and vegetables (tomatoes, green peas, carrots etc)
  • Fruit and vegetable processing (juice concentrates, tomatoes paste, dried fruits, jams etc
  • Grain production and processing (maize, wheat)
  • Flower production and park
  • Silk production and processing
  • Fertilizer manufacturing plant
  • Fresh wholesale food market
  • Irrigation project
  • Mechanization opportunities


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