Investment Opportunities in Energy sector of Burundi

Burundi has multiple opportunities in the energy sector which include the following

  • Potential for the development of solar energy plants with an untapped commercial potential of 18 MW in 6 sites
  • Possible potential related to magnetic energy
  • Good potential for wind energy production is possible on the edge of Lake Tanganyika
  • Commercial hydroelectric power production potential of 300MW far from being exploited
  • Investment needed for the project RUZIZI III project – 143 MW
  • Investment needed for hydroelectric power production on the Mumwendo site (Ruvubu) – 80 MW
  • Investment needed for hydroelectric power production project on the Jiji-Mulembwe Siguvyaye sites – 100 MW
  • Investment needed the RUZIZI IV hydroelectric power production project – 205 MW
  • Potential commercial geothermal power production of 18 MW not exploited yet
  • Political will of government and abundant and available energy resources

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