Investment Opportunities

Rwanda has considerable opportunities for energy development ranging from hydro sources, methane gas, solar and peat deposits. The untapped resources for power generation amount to about 1,200 MW. Most of these energy sources have not been fully exploited thus wood is still the major source of energy for 94 per cent of the population. Rwanda imports petroleum products which consume more than 40 percent of foreign exchange earned in a given year.

Rwanda’s Vision 2020 emphasizes the need for economic growth, private investment and economic transformation supported by a reliable and affordable energy supply as a key factor for the development process. To achieve this transformation, the country will need to increase energy production and diversify into alternative energy sources.



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Investment Opportunities

The following is an outline of investment opportunities in some of the priority areas

Opportunities include production and supply of propagation materials to farmers, manufacture of greenhouse construction and packaging materials,

Fish and Fish Farming Industry
This industry has opportunities like the processing of value added products such as canned fish, aquaculture, and fish leather processing.

Cotton and Textile Industry
Growing of cotton for export, establishment of ginneries and supply of inputs to farmers and production of edible oil from cotton.

Building and Construction Industry
The Opportunities include the provision of low cost housing in the urban and semi-urban areas, provision of housing and mortgage finance, provision of construction equipment and building materials.

Foods and Beverages Sector
Investment opportunities do exist mainly utilization of local agricultural raw materials to manufacture agro-processed products with higher export potential. Additional opportunities exist for support industries to the sector for example in packaging; value added processing and cold storage at export points.

Education Sector
Education sector has opportunities that include primary and secondary education, technical and vocational education, development of computer skills, managerial skills training.

Financial Services
There is investment potential in the areas of Merchant Banking, Development Banking, Commercial Banking, Discount Houses, Insurance Services, Leasing, Mortgage Financing, Building Societies, Micro-Financing Services and Specialized Training Institutions.

Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and Vegetable have variety of opportunities that include commercial farming of fruits and vegetables, processing, production and export of de-hydrated fruits, cold storage facilities at collection points, organic farming, and irrigation schemes for commercial farms to ensure harvest throughout the year.

Electronics Sector
Opportunities like the establishment of service centers for the available brand radio, television and power conditioning equipment and the manufacture and assembly of computer equipment targeting the local and regional markets.

Dairy Sector
Major investments opportunities exist in the production of powder milk and long life milk such as condensed milk or ultra heat-treated (UHT) milk, processing of dairy products such as butter, cheese, ice cream, yoghurt and ghee. There also exist opportunities in dairy cattle and goat breeding and dairy farm management.

Tourism Sector
The sector has variety of opportunities which include tour operations, water sports and related activities, accommodation, conferences and incentives travel, national park concessions, privatization and joint ventures with existing players.

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Investment Opportunities in Financial Sector

The investment opportunities in the sector in the following among others:

  • Merchant banking to meet the needs of a growing economy.
  • Providing banking services in the unbanked rural areas.
  • The insurance sector which currently offers basic services including fire, burglary, transport goods among others. Opportunities exist in livestock insurance, health and life insurance.
  • Mortgage financing,
  • Leasing,
  • Building societies and
  • Micro-financing services.
  • Capacity building for the sector
  • Discount Houses

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