Investment opportunites in mining

The following are Investment opportunities in mining

  • Significant opportunities in ores
  • Diversification opportunities in quarries (for construction materials) and precious stones (gold, diamond, beryl, topaz, rubies, sapphires, gamets and other unexploited deposits have been identified
  • There are major peat deposits in the southwest of Rwanda which are only just being exploited and could be used for electricity generation or processed as an alternative to fire wood
  • Exploration opportunities (to identify deposits of tin, tungsten, tantalum, gold etc
  • Mechanized mining
  • Value addition (establishment of mineral processing plants)
  • Cement manufacture for local consumption and for export
  • Production of tin and tungsten
  • Production of gold, sapphires, amethyst etc
  • Production of columbium and tantalum for export
  • Plant for dimension stones (to produce bricks, tiles, paints, ceramics etc)
  • Quarry development to produce road construction materials, body powder



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