Investment climate in Burundi

Burundi located in the heart of Africa offers a lot of investment opportunities across all the sectors of the economy.  The country is   a member of a number of international organizations including UN, Africa Union and East Africa Community among others. Its central position gives it access to both the East Africa and Central Africa countries’ markets for its products and services.

Regulatory framework for investment in Burundi

Ministry of Finance

The Ministry is responsible for planning and implementing the Government’s financial and monetary policies and for preparing and overseeing the national budget

Burundi Revenue Authority

Office Burundais des Recettes (OBR) is a semi-autonomous public revenue collection institution, created by Law No. 1 / 11 of July 14, 2009. The overall goal of establishing this institution was  to reduce poverty through an improved public revenue collection and an improved business environment in Burundi .

Burundi Investment Promotion Authority (API)

API is established by Presidential Decree No. 100/177 of 19 October 2009 and is  responsible for development and investment promotion in Burundi. The Investment Promotion Authority is a government institution charged with promoting investment and facilitating market entry for investors in Burundi. API offers a range of services to potential investors including assistance in acquiring the licenses, certificates, approvals, authorizations and permits required by law to set up and operate a business enterprise in Burundi.

The mission of the API

  • The Agency’s overall mission to promote investment and export
  • Inform investors about anything related to promoting investment and export
  • Assist and support investors in general and exporters in particular in obtaining such documents and / or formalities required by law
  • Designing the reforms required to improve the business climate
  • Challenge the government on cases of non-application or misapplication of any law or regulation in connection with the promotion of investment and exports

Reasons to Invest in Burundi

Many investment opportunities promoted by the process of rebuilding the country

  • Cost of labor including highly competitive regionally.
  • Privileged access to regional markets through its membership in the Customs Union of the East African Community (EAC) and the Free Trade Area of ​​the COMESA
  • Business climate in rapid improvement (fifth best global reformer in Doing Business 2013)
  • Code incentive for investment and protecting investors including attractive incentives
  • Ability to create a company in a few hours through a single point of the API
  • Political stability restored since 2005
  • A business environment constantly improving with:

-The simplification of administrative procedures

-The creation of the OBR to boost tax service and customs, and the fight against corruption

-On-going reforms to liberalize all sectors, privatize state enterprises, etc.

  • Promising business sectors
  • A country is in full reconstruction
  • Freedom of settlement and investment
  • Granting of visas, fixing and moving residence to expatriates required by investment freedom, title to any person or entity, without any discrimination.

Investment climate in Burundi has been summarized to include the following

Business Environment in Burundi

Tax climate in Burundi

Investment Facilitation

Land in Burundi

Facilitating Organisations in the Investment Sector in Burundi

Investment opportunities in Burundi

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