Initiatives in road transport sector Burundi

  • Development of feeder roads to facilitate access to the road and socioeconomic infrastructure by inhabitants of villages along the road.
  • Development of bypass roads and roads facilitating access to Mabanda market and the chief town of the Municipality. That would help reduce the risk of accidents and enable women to carry out their income-generating activities under optimal safety conditions.
  • Construction of a parking area for heavy duty vehicles at Mabanda. This will also enable transport operators to rest, and help strengthen the local economy.
  • Rehabilitation of the health centre in Musenyi, a peace village inhabited mostly by returnee families from Tanzania. This will be beneficial particularly to children and women.
  • Development of Musenyi rural market for the benefit of women.
  • Supply of small farm implements and post-harvest processing equipment to existing women’s associations in the project area.

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