Inflation in Uganda 2013

The inflation rate was recorded at 3.6% as of end May  2013 increasing from 3.4% as of end Aprill 2013. Bank of Uganda has reduced  the Central Bank Rate (CBR) to  11% in  June 2013

Annual inflation rates
The annual headline inflation rate for the year ending May  2013 increased  to 3.6% from 3. 4% registered for the year ended  April 2013. The annual food crops inflation rate rose to -7.5% for the year ending April 2013 compared to -8.5% for the year ended March 2013. However the energy fuel and utilities inflation rose to 1.8% for April 2013 from -2% as of March 2013.

Food and non food inflation rates
The annual food inflation rate dropped further to -2.6% for the year ended April 2013 compare to -0.9% in March 2013. The non food inflation increased to 6.6% for the year ended April 2013 compared to 6.5% as of March 2013.

Other goods and services inflation rates
The annual inflation rates for other goods decreased to 3.5% in April 2013 as compared to 5% recorded to March 2013, for services the annual inflation rate recorded was 7.9% for the year ended April 2013 compared to 7.6% as of March 2013

Annual headline inflation by centers
Kampala registered the highest annual inflation rate of 6.2% for the year ended April 2013 from 6.1% as of March 2013. Jinja recorded the second highest inflation rate of 4.5% up from 4.4% as of March 2013. Masaka recorded an inflation rate of 3.7% similar to March 2013

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