Hajji Moses Kigongo threatening my husband – Faridah Nakazibwe

Hajji Moses Kigongo threatening my husband - Faridah Nakazibwe

“Hajji Moses Kigongo threatening my husband –
Faridah Nakazibwe
“With a lot of respect and patience, I speak out.
If it is not ego, I still don’t understand why a
respectable leader of [National Resistance
Movement Vice Chairman] Hajji Musa Kigongo’s
stature could still torment a young couple,
trying to settle down.
When the big man approached me, I listened. He
sounded mature and I gave him the benefit of
doubt, hoping that it would work out.
Eventually, I realised that he wanted a wife but
was reluctant to marry [one]. I also realised he
wanted to use me to get back at his estranged
wife [Uganda National Chamber of Commerce
boss, Olive Kigongo] and my leaving him meant
embarrassment on his part.
It was a relationship that lasted close to six
months and the major reasons for its breakdown
bordered more on character. How he treated a
partner with whom he had spent over 25 years
and raised children with shocked me, to say the
least, especially when he asked her out of their
house [in Kololo] and seriously wanted me to
[move into] it.
When he shamelessly asked his wife to prove to
court that they were officially married, I thought
twice; if he could do that to the mother of his
children, I did not know what shocker he would
have for me. That is the major reason I cut that
tie. That, and a few others.
We talked; I communicated my fears and
informed him I did not want to push on because
I realised it was a big shoe I innocently tried to
fit in. I gladly handed over his only property I
had – a Land Cruiser Prado UAV 305K. I dare
Hajji Kigongo to sincerely come out and prove to
the world that he gave me anything else like a
house or huge sums of money like it is alleged. I
dare him.
For, a man who chases the mother of his kids
out of a house to bring in another; a man who
asks back a gift, surely cannot give out much
generously. That I can say again.
Hajji Kigongo knows exactly what went wrong and
that is why he cannot call me directly but
continues to call my husband, [Dr Omar Ssali]
threatening him. I met Omar a few months after
I left the loaded Hajji, and the rest is history. We
were moving on well until tabloids found out
about the affair and published his private mobile
number in addition to irresponsibly publishing
nonsense after nonsense.
I took on the publishers in courts of law and
that battle is still on. I have audio proof that the
big man Kigongo has been calling and
threatening Omar. It is out of respect for Hajji’s
position in society that I chose not to counter
the malicious allegations in the hope that the
storm would calm down.
Despite all that, Omar and I pushed on and
finally we decided to formalise our relationship
recently, hoping that [hajji], who is already
married by the way, can let us be. The tension
and threats intensified as we drew closer to our
kwanjula. We were being trailed daily and on two
occasions, Omar was attacked and beaten up by
We have three files at police for harassment and
we are yet to get help. Elders tried to intervene
but the big Hajji only said I belong to him. To
avoid eventualities, both our families agreed to
halt the traditional wedding.
Messages of cancellation were sent out to our
invited guests on time and thankfully none of
them cluelessly showed up at the venue [in
Masaka] on the previously set date.
That is how we opted for a Nikah out of town,
to cut the attention and tension. The Nikah [in
Dubai] was conducted by Sheikh Muhammad
Luggya, the Imam of Hamad bin Sultan masjid in
Al Hamriyah.
It was witnessed by very few friends, family and
leaders of the mosque with whom we shared a
meal later at the Radisson Hotel. I was shocked
to learn three days later from the presiding
sheikh that someone from Uganda called,
blaming him for wedding a married woman.
I dare Hajji Kigongo through pictorial evidence or
any document to prove that I am in any way
married to him. It has been a long fight we have
kept under wraps, hoping that hajji will move on
since he is married, like it is alleged.
I do not regret involving myself with such a
person; I choose to treat it as a mistake from
which I have picked a lesson or two.
[Hajji Kigongo], please leave me alone. I do not
owe you anything; even the back of your head
knows it.”

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