Hajji Kigongo intensifies fight for X-NTV’s Faridah Nakawzibwe, now wants all his Money back or she won’t live in Uganda

Faridah Nakazibwe on Kigongo: “I never loved Al Hajji’

NRM Vice chairman Al haji Moses Kigongo has intensified his fight for Faridah Nakazibwe to the extent that she has been forced to write him an Open letter asking him to leave her and her Husband Omar Ssali alone.

The TV news anchor who used to date the NRM boss claims the man has made her life a living hell.

Kigongo has refused to let Faridah go to the extent that he forced her relatives in Masaka to cancel her introduction ceremony.

This forced Faridah and  Omar to get married secretly in Dubai yet they would have loved to get married infront of friends and Family.

Now Kigongo says Faridah should return all the money he gave her when they were still dating or else she will not have a peaceful life while living in Uganda.

He says she took him  400 Million shillings and now he wants it back.

The 77-year-old Politician is Uganda’s most powerful Muslim and one of Uganda’s most powerful politicians with the Ability to make good on his threats.

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