Governance Ranking in Uganda

Uganda and other African countries have made a marked improvement in governance in the last decade, according to this year’s Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance .
Among the East African Community countries, Uganda is in second position after Tanzania. Overall, Uganda was ranked 19th out of the 52 African countries.

This year’s index examined governance with 88 indicators in the four categories of safety and rule of law, participation and human rights, sustainable economic opportunity, and human development. The index showed improvement in governance.

However, there was a decline in some of Africa’s powerhouses such as Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa.
Out of the total score of 100 points, Uganda got 55.1 in governance and was ranked in position 19.
Uganda’s score was above the regional average of 47 and the continental average of 51%.

Governance in Uganda has been arranged as follows
Central Government
Decentralised System of Governance in Uganda

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