Facilitations of the Transport sector

The government of Rwanda (GOR) has done the following to facilitate the Transport sector

  • The government has strengthen the institutional and legal frameworks in order to contribute to the creation of a favourable environment for the development of the transportation sector
  • Rwanda government is highly committed to the improvement of transportation facilities on the transit corridors that connects it to the maritime ports of the regional countries through which her transit goods are transported
  • There has been rehabilitation and the extension of the national road network, including the rural feeder road network, coupled with the improvement of transportation services in the country
  • Creation of facilities destined to reduce delays in transportation of goods in transit such as the introduction of common border stations with neighbouring countries.
  • The government has implemented urban public transport system in order to reduce congestion on over taxed city roads.
  • Government has strengthened transport safety and in particular the road traffic safety to reduce considerably the transport risks and the rate of accidents throughout the country.
  • Government of Rwanda has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Transport Sector Development project
  • There is rehabilitation and upgrading of paved road network for Musanze-Rubavu (64.5km), Gitarama-Ngororero (47km) and Ngororero-Mukamaira (55km).
  • Completed technical detailed design for the new Bugesera International Airport and mobilization of financing is in progress.

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